Cancer Horoscope- Traits and Relationships

Get free Daily Cancer Horoscope for today, tomorrow and yearly horoscope 2013… Mentioning the fourth sign of the zodiac, you are talking about Cancer which is the most nurturing one in the zodiac.

General characteristics of Cancer

Mentioning the fourth sign of the zodiac, you are talking about Cancer which is the most nurturing one in the zodiac. Cancers are those born between 22 June and 22 July approximately. This sign is in Water group and the moon rules it. Therefore, Cancer has some interesting distinct features comparing to other signs.
Firstly, a Cancerian is the one who is sincere, patient, caring and humorous. Besides having a good memory, a Cancer is also cunning and intelligent.
However, because this sign is affected by the moon and water, Cancerians change their moods quite often. They are sometimes moody even in a single day. Though they keep a calm behavior outside, there are big waves beneath a smooth expression. There is the ocean filled with emotions crashing onto not only their heart but their soul behind an unruffled appearance. Cancerians are good at hiding their inner feelings. It’s rather easy for Cancers to fall into depression or get angry without reasons. However, this stage doesn’t last so long.
Furthermore, because they have a great memory, they tend to keep the past by bringing up something buried for a long time.
Secondly, Cancers’ priority is always their home and family. To them, home is more important than anything. They are willing to sacrifice to keep their home safe, warm and happy. Home and family is a Cancerian’s a source of energy. Cancers find strength and safety from their own hearth. After a stressful working day, they need to receive warmth as well as encouragement from their beloved ones. Whenever a Cancer gets tired, this one takes back power from the cozy home.
Thanks to Cancers’ intelligence and cunning, Cancerians are able to reach success in whatever jobs they select. They consider carefully before they move without hasty decisions, so it ensures success in every choice they make.

Cancer in relationships

Daily Horoscope Cancer 2 Cancer Horoscope  Traits and Relationships

In friendship, they are generous and loyal friends. They aren’t selfish and they love making jokes. However, it’s quite intense for you to make a Cancerian trust you in love at first. Due to their various emotions, they seek for somebody who gives them safety. Therefore, at times Cancers demand something unreasonably.
Because Cancerians like keeping their thoughts, feelings or true emotions in a secret place in their soul, they need the one bringing a secure feeling to them. Nevertheless, whenever they fall for somebody, they are romantic, caring and loyal to their partner.

In brief, although Cancerians are rather sulky, they are truthful, generous, humorous and caring. If you want to seek the one taking care of both home and children, a Cancerian will be a suitable one. This one will make a house become a home. With their hands, your home is stable, warm and strong. By the way, Cancerians want their life partner to have the same goal as theirs.

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